Helicopter in wrong place

Lae News, Normal

A LOCAL helicopter company is at loggerhead with the Morobe provincial administration over a portion of land at the old Lae Airport.
The land in dispute is next to North Coast Aviation and Manolos Aviation’s heliport.
The Morobe provincial government, said yesterday that it was the owner, and had allocated the land to another interested party.
Local helicopter company, Helifix came to Lae about a week ago and has been using the vacant land as its base, much to the indignation of the provincial government.
Provincial administration officers chained the main gate into the area two days ago but could not prevent the aviation company.
Authorities have also asked Helifix to pay for the use of the premises but it has refused.  
The company has two helicopters currently based at the disputed land they were using as a heliport.
They are working on Digicel projects in the province.