Help countries beat diabetes


DIABETES is a disease that prevents your body from properly using the energy from the food you eat.
In developing countries, many people are diagnosed with diabetes and a huge number die because of diabetes annually.
It is important to help poor countries to develop healthcare systems that are responsive to the challenges caused by diabetes.
Treatments for people with type 1 diabetes include insulin pumps and islet cell transplants.
Using an insulin pump can be a good alternative to injecting with an insulin pen. It can give you more flexibility when managing your diabetes.
Diabetes type 2 diabetes can be treated using medication which help to manage your blood sugar levels.
The most common tablet is metformin, but there are lots of different types.
Eating and moving more can help. Weight loss can put type 2 diabetes into remission.
If poor countries are supported technically and financially, the number of people dying of diabetes globally will be significantly reduced.

Handsen Chikowore
United Kingdom

One thought on “Help countries beat diabetes

  • Dear Chikowore,
    most of what you are saying is not practical.
    Type 1 diabetes is very rare in most poor countries.
    Type 2 diabetes affects predominantly the middle-class and upper-class in the third world which is quite opposite to what hear in places UK when Type 2 is a disease of the poor man.
    At least 80 percent of the populace of PNG live in rural areas and Type 2 diabetes is not a real issue.
    This huge population group suffer from TB, Malaria and other infections which can be prevented with immunisations and complications of pregnancy, childbirth and high infant mortality.
    Welcome to the real world of poor countries.

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