Help develop our district


PEOPLE in the central part of Eastern Highland have been neglected for almost two and a half year after the election in 2017 in terms of basic service deliveries.
The Goroka Open Seat is purposely to support important government programs and services in the district.
The seat is not somebody’s birthright.
If we (people) are not happy with the leadership, we have the power to choose a new leader in the next election (2022).
Though we understand that it’s a process thing to deal with such an uncertain case, we are still running some donkey miles compared to other districts in the province.
We have so many agendas and needs still pending in the district to be attend to before the next election.
As a concerned student, I am appealing to our local leaders to set aside your differences and let us help develop our district.

jHawksy Ingiso’veh