Help disadvantaged kids on the streets


THIS young boy sits all day in Goroka to collect some toea from people.
He is rugged and covered in dirt but could not afford a shower.
He sits in the sun’s heat and goes on empty stomach most days.
He fears that what he collects could be stolen by desperate marijuana-consuming bullies in town.
His name is Paulus Peter, 12 years old from Okapa.
He was born and raised in Goroka when his father was a security guard. They lived together at Lopi.
He said his mother died of cancer and his father abandoned him and moved out of town with a new wife.
Paulus is not able to identify his family because he does not know them.
All he can do to survive is beg so he can afford flour balls.
He sleeps around Goroka Plaza, Post Office, Westpac Bank, the town’s police station and sometimes stays awake till day break.
I was out working on Oct 12 and saw this boy and was thinking that he was just another beggar on the street.
After two weeks of seeing him on the same spot, I took him out for lunch to hear him out and bought him a pair of trousers and a shirt.
I asked him if we could go home for a night and I’ll send him home to Okapa but he refused because he does not know his family.
Please can we help those unfortunate children that are out there in the streets?
Can we assist them to secure a future?

Isaac James

One thought on “Help disadvantaged kids on the streets

  • Thanks, a kind hearted person. God will bless you and your family abundantly. Parents abounding children is becoming a common problem across our country. There’ are government welfare agencies operating in Goroka, should take the child in and identify the father and he should face the law for knowingly avoiding his responsibilities.

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