Help for Kundiawa primary school library

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STUDENTS and staff of Numunuma Primary School near Kundiawa, Simbu province, were proud
recipients of K1,020 cash and a live pig from the surrounding communities this week.
The gifts were their contribution to help the school complete a double-storey classroom which will include a library on the top floor.
Guglboku, Gena, Dinga, Mitnande, Damaku, and Sunagaumo clans brought in cash on bamboo
poles and mother Elis Jack of Dinga tribe donated the pig.
The Pentecostal and Nazarene churches, the Kauglan aid post and Kauglan Elementary School also contributed money.
The building will cost about K40,000 to build.
The presentation of the gifts was witnessed by Sinasina-Yongomugl district education officer Steven Kumuno.