Help government to regulate pornography

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday November 8th, 2013

 I WRITE this letter to support my first letter about pornography (Oct 18).

Since the letter was published, not many people have supported my call with one Papua New Guinean from Australia.  

We all know too well that production, consumption  and   distribution of pornography in any form in print media, electronic or image media in PNG is illegal. 

Yet the law enforcing agencies are too weak to curb these activities. 

I did a bit of research and found out that Papua New Guineans are producing and distributing their porn images and videos through websites such as “Google”.

One such website that promotes local production and distribution is through “Peperonity”. 

I do not know who owns it.

Is this owned by Papua New Guineans or foreigners? 

Law enforcing  agencies need to get to the bottom of this and arrest the culprits  and  bring them  to face the full force of the law. 

“Peperonity” is encouraging mobile phone uses to send their porn images and videos to this site freely. 

This is encouraging our young girls and even married mothers and divorced women and shameless men to engage in these illicit activities. 

If law enforcing agencies are not capable of monitoring and controlling pornography, then this implies that there is a huge security problem. 

I think the National Security Council (NIO) can assist the law enforcing agencies because information that is coming and going out of the country, if not monitored, can pose a threat to PNG.   

The penalty for production and distribution of pornography should increase to deter flood gates of production and  distribution  of pornography in PNG.  

Pornography is not only illegal in PNG but is also morally wrong and goes against the Christian teaching. 

PNG is rich in resources in terms of mineral resources, oil and gas resources, forestry, fisheries and marine resources but the most important of all our resources that a nation has is its human resources.  

Our girls and women folk and young people are future resources that will build and hold PNG together. 

We cannot sit back and watch when our women and girls are exploited just like they exploit our natural resources. 

I urge all churches to join hands to assist law enforcing agencies and government to eradicate evils of pornography viruses in all forms of media in PNG.


Pastor Mamando M Pain, Via email