Help job seekers


IT seems obvious that all markets across Papua New Guinea have been well taken over by foreigners including the workforce.
There is no control especially over Asians flooding into PNG to do business as well as unnecessarily taking over locals’ opportunities.
Instead of operating only retail shops, wholesales, liquor shops, they have gone to the extreme of becoming street vendors.
They are also selling of betel nut and cigarettes on table markets.
The workforce is dominated by foreigners.
This leads to unemployment and causes a lot of problems in the country.
Graduates and unemployed youths are roaming the streets looking for jobs but opportunities are scarce at the moment.
If we want to ‘Take Back PNG’’, I believe all Papua New Guineans should seriously participate in the economy.
The Government should make adjustments to allow that to happen.

Golikuka Menihas

One thought on “Help job seekers

  • The government has already taken a step budgeting K200 million annual for SME so we can rise up, this is our land, foreigners are illegal landowners, we should be like Gideon of today take back the Land, fight against the Midnites & Amalkites in this land, if this Nation is Dedicated to Lord, and is part of our constitution, the Battle belongs to Lord we will on the winning side to take back this land; The Lord Bless PNG.

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