Help Musa Valley people with road


IN 1972, when late Paulas Arek was elected, the road from Oro Bay to Safia in Ijivitari, Northern, was constructed within three years before his passing.
Today, vehicles travel from Oro Bay to Bareji on the dusty highway, which is risky.
There has been no upgrade in the past four years as Oro parliamentarians are concentrating on urban development.
I have a simple question for these two MPs, Northern governor Garry Juffa and Ijivitari MP Richard Masere. What will you members say to the people of Musa Valley about the incompleted Areks Highway?
The people of Musa Valley might as well refrain from voting in the coming 2022 national elections.
This rural population have seen nothing for decades.
They carry their school materials from Embessa/ Pongani to their various destinations in the upper, middle and lower parts of the Musa Valley.
This is a burden for schools and other organisations including the public.
I call on our two MPs to look into this very important issue.
Please serve us.

Concerned Voter
Musa Valley