Help Yus people build their road


THE people of Yus along the border of Madang and Morobe are the inhabitants of the rugged terrains of Madang’s Rai Coast and Morobe’s Kabwum respectively.
On record, we have been contributing to the current rural urban drift over the last 46 to 50 years.
School leavers are not returning home because the economic activities to sustain flexible learning and other educational opportunities are limited and airfares are high.
It costs about K1,000 to go home.
The promised Wantoat-Teptep road by the former Kabwum MP and current Governor-General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae and other campaign related promises remain unfulfilled.
We are nearing another general election.
We need budgetary support from the province to support Kabwum MP Patrick Basa to complete the current Erap-Yus road as the 50th anniversary independence gift for the voiceless people of Yus.
Enough of politics.
Do something and fulfil your promises.

Giwanduru Yomanoto