Helping border communities


ALL MPs will receive their budgeted K10 million district services improvement programme (DSIP) funds regardless of whether they sit in the Opposition or in the Government benches, according to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
The point here is that MPs get the funds to deliver basic services to their people, but what about people living in border communities separating two different districts and provinces who are always being neglected, left out and not recognised?
Although they cast their votes in both districts (provinces) twice and deserves the best services than the other citizens who cast their votes only once, they are always not sure about who is going to attend to them.
In actual fact, both of the different district MPs are also in doubt.
People in government offices should consider those who live in communities that share borders.
Service must start at the borders and move into the central areas.

Border victim
jHawksy Ingisoveh (134)

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