Helping hand for quake victims


THE Nipa-Kutubu district development authority (DDA) launched a reconstruction phase and people have given building materials to rebuild after the Feb 26 earthquake.
MP Jeffrey Komal said the DDA purchased building materials such as roofing iron, nails and cement using a K2 million funding. It also purchased two containers of food.
“DDA bought two Lucas saw mills which will be used to saw timber and will also provide roofing iron and nails,” he said.
“The district was badly hit by the earthquake and proper assessments were completed and the food and building materials will be given to those badly affected.”
Komal said the people in the Kutubu and Bosave local-level government areas were badly affected and priority would be given to them as they were still living in makeshift accommodation.
Komal said people were traumatised and living in fear.
“Some people lost their lives, our prayers are with their families and DDA will do its best to make sure their homes are rebuilt and food supplies are distributed to them,” Komal said.
He said the district authority would also improve the health facilities to improve health services delivery as the district would give priority to people’s health.
Southern Highlands Governor William Powi said disaster-related funding from the National Emergency and Disaster Centre was paid directly to the five district development authorities and he had no knowledge of it.
He said the MPs and their DDA board members would know how much funding they received and the provincial government acted as an overseer involved in coordination work and made visitation to the affected areas.

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