Hendeng uses skills learnt to help villagers

Youth & Careers

HE has a diploma in applied science but finds a financial literacy certificate useful for what he does.
Foregau Hendeng, 26, has decided to help his local village community development association deliver basic services, and his technical background comes handy.
With a diploma from the National Polytechnic Institute in 2016 and short employment stints with a few companies in Lae, Hendeng started assisting his Hapohondong village community development association from last year.
He is from Mape village in the Yabem-Mape local level government area of Finschhafen in Morobe.
He attended a 10-day financial literacy programme at the Ginigoada Talac Nganga Foundation Technology in Lae.
“It gave me a clear idea to plan and develop the village community development association,” he said.
“It helps in drawing budgets. Gives me a broader idea about helping the community.”
The literacy programme also impressed on the importance of money and he has decided to tighten up his spending.

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