Henganofi students assisted

National, Normal

The National – Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MEMBER for HENGANOFI in Eastern Highlands, Ferao Orimyo last week disbursed more than K600,000 to assist students from the district in tertiary institutions.
 “Apart from other development initiatives, I strongly believe in human capital development and empowerment as stipulated in the seven pillars of he Vision 2050, my joint district planning and budget priorities committee has set aside K600, 000 to assist students from Henganofi to pay part of their fees,” Orimyo said.
He said a country with an educated population would advance as its citizens would make a great impact for its growth.
“Likewise I give priority to make it possible to have an educated population for Henganofi district, I want every student with potential to move on to achieve higher educational qualifications and not to miss out on opportunities,” Orimyo said.
He said all the parents would be assisted to put their children into schools as education was very important to help build the nation in the long run.
Orimyo also paid a K56,000 cheque to the  University of Goroka last Friday as  tuition fee assistance for 56 students from Henganofi.