Herbs can help


I AM writing in response to a letter from Prof Glen Mola who commented on a story in The National’s Weekender on May 14. The story was about Yvonne Tore, a cancer patient who was helped by me and is now recovering. I did not advise Yvonne to say anything to the journalist. Yvonne is an educated adult and knows what to say about her condition and what the doctors had advised her. She told me about her cervical cancer and other problems related to it. She asked me to save her life through herbal medicines. I have helped her, and right now, Yvonne is eating well and recovering and will go for a medical check for cancer and diabetes.It was the writer who wrote Yvonne’s story. I asked for my account details to be included so that people can help me so that I can open a clinic in the city to help and monitor patients like Yvonne. More sick people are taking herbs for healing.

Silas Ayamaso,