Hetinu lauds ENB for best poll efforts

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 31st, 2012

EAST New Britain election manager Terence Hetinu has praised the people for ensuring that election in the province was the best in the country.
He said last week that election in ENB was the best in the country although there were minor issues faced during the election period.
“We have not ruined our reputation, ENB has done well,” he said.
He said many eligible voters did not vote as they did not find their names on the electoral rolls.
But he added that it was still a fair election as people in the local level governments made the effort to come and vote.
He apologised to the people for any errors and delays during the elections.
“There is always room for improvement and I am certain we will make the best out of the next elections,” Hetinu said.
He said provincial administration’s existing structure ensured that some electoral rolls were updated when the Electoral Commission faced difficulties in updating them.
“This is one of the unique activities that a provincial administration can do for its province prior to elections and the ENB provincial administration has accomplished that,” he said.
“My office received great assistance from them and I appreciate their support.”
He said the Electoral Commission team was able to address minor problems and he was pleased with the candidates and scrutineers for their cooperation despite the minor hiccups.