Hetwara attacks village

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THE Hetwara gang attacked Pivin village in Rai Coast, Madang, late last week after police had left the area.
The gang burnt down homes and assaulted more than 20 people.
A community leader from Mibu, Kevin Sandip, told The National that the villagers from Pivin, some badly injured, including women and children walked to Mibu to seek refuge and medical attention.
“We have welcomed them into our community but for those who were injured we are unable to help as our hospital here at Mibu has run out of medicines,” he said.
“I am concerned about them, but we are doing the best with whatever we have to attend to their wounds.”
Sandip said the gang also tried to abduct young girls when they attacked Pivin village.
“At least three young girls who were taken by the gang, managed to escape and made it to Mibu, everyone is living in fear of the gang, not knowing which village they will attack next,” he said.
“My people have not slept well or eaten well, we do not even know if we will be able to take part in this year’s election.”
Sandip called for intervention from the local authorities and the provincial government because the gang had been active for the last three years terrorising the communities.
“Do we have a Member of Parliament, does he hear the cries of our mothers and daughters?” he said.
“We have lost homes, lives, our daughters have been raped and our sons hacked and chopped like animals.”
Attempts to get comments from Madang police were unsuccessful.