Hevi Lift eyes aviation deals in gas project

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Aviation company Hevi Lift Ltd is eyeing aviation contracts in the K42 billion PNG liquefied natural gas (LNG) project.
With plans to purchase additional aircrafts, Hevi Lift’s managing director Peter Booij said: “We are now looking at expanding our Twin-Otter base and into the fixed wing aircraft.”
Now half-owned by Mineral Resources Development Corp (MRDC) and the other held by Regional Aviation Group headed by the Booij family, Hevi Lift would target the resource sector, particularly the oil and mineral sector.
Hevi Lift and MRDC last Monday announced the equal stake in ownership (50-50) of Hevi Lift, which was initially sealed two weeks ago in Port Moresby.
MRDC managing director Augustine Mano said the partnership marked a milestone for MRDC and its subsidiary four landowner companies as they now had direct control in a company, unlike several of MRDC’s investments where it has no management role.
The companies are namely, Petroleum Resources Kutubu (PRK) Ltd, Petroleum Resources Gobe (PRG) Ltd, Petroleum Resources Moran (PRM) Ltd and Mineral Resources Star Mountain (MRSM).
The four chairmen – John Kapinato (PRK), Philip Kende (PRG), Pape Punga (PRM) and Bill Menim (MRSM) –  witnessed the announcement.
Mr Kapinato while for the chairmen’s said: “We did not dream that we would be in the aviation business …we have all been involved in small contracts and small businesses in oil”.
He also acknowledged the efforts of Mr Mano that since taking office, he has sought opportunities and invested MRDC interests.