Hi mami, I got a date in court

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The National, Tuesday 28th May 2013


A BADLY beaten man was hauled before Madang police last week and charged with using sexual and insulting words under the Telecommunication Act.

The teacher-husband of a woman who had been receiving sexual messages and calls over the mobile phone fronted up at a hotel room with several men and beat up the man, claiming he was the perpetrator.

The suspect is out on a K100 police bail and is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow.

An angry husband Amos Mukoi, a teacher at the Transgogol area where the couple resides, decided to play the game by returning his text messages with sexy “come-on” replies, when his wife received the first exploratory text message that read: “I want to be your husband, mummy.”

Mukoi said the texts and phone calls raised his ire and that of the couple’s four children and so a plan was hatched to lure the unknown person out into the open.

Mukoi sent texts back pretending that he was the wife. The person thinking that it was truly the wife, revealed that he was the head teacher of a primary school on Karkar Island.

Mukoi expressed disgust at the behaviour of the person who phoned and texted his wife, saying it was animal behaviour.

In the end he got the upper hand, he said, but many others did not.

Text messages between Mukoi and the unsuspecting phone lover included the following: “Mummy, can I have sex with you 2moro. I will book a room if that is okay with you, text me back and let me know.”

Six minutes later another one: “Please text me back and say yes or no”.

The couple responded: “Okay! If you are honest, when and where tomorrow?”

“Mami, (name of guest house) rooms, it’s cheap for 3 hours. At 12 oclock is dat ok with you coz I love you. Do you love me too mummy, please text n let me know”.

Reply: “OK! book and give room number.”

The suspect that was beaten and brought to the police by the husband (Mukoi) and several men in a room  of a guest house in Madang.

Whether or not the man who was beaten and charged is the mystery phone lover will be revealed when the suspect answers his charges.

 Police are warning people to be wary of unknown callers and to report such matters quickly.