Hidden Valley celebrates national mining safety week

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The National,Tuesday March 29th, 2016

 IT is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that the Hidden Valley Mine in Morobe has a safe working environment, general manager Gary Davies says. 

Davis made the remark at the opening of the National Mining Safety Week at Hidden Valley last Monday.

The theme for the week-long event was “road and vehicle safety” organised by the mine’s health security and safety department. 

“The event is an opportunity to not only reflect on our past performance and learning, but also to look forward to the future, to gain new knowledge, to learn new skills and importantly to recommit ourselves to our efforts of achieving our goal of zero harm in the workplace,” he said.

Davies said the focus at Hidden Valley was on the high-risk tasks and controls required to make the tasks safe. 

“A part of this has been a focus on road and vehicle safety,” he said. 

“We have implemented a range of critical controls to ensure that our vehicles, whether a light vehicle or a prime mover, can move safely on our roads.” The event is celebrated annually.