Hidden Valley locals appreciate training

National, Normal

The Nationl, Monday 10th September, 2012

LANDOWNERS from the Hidden Valley gold mine in Bulolo district, Morobe, are now better informed and prepared for the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) review.
Landowner leaders from Winima, Kwembu and Nauti villages from the Hidden Valley gold mine area said that the three-day workshop in Lae had prepared them well, especially on negotiation and communications skills.
Leaders Michael Siwing, Koini Yoruwe, Martha Waia and Waikesa Kalep said the workshop had put the landowners on track to negotiate, communicate and resolve issues that were a threat to the MoA review.
“The workshop has prepared us on a position to resolve in-house issues and work towards options that will benefit the landowner majority,” Kalep said. “We are thankful that we have attained a very important skill as being leaders of the silent landowner majority in three villages,” Kalep said. The workshop was conducted by the Morobe Mining Joint Venture community affairs division under the leadership of David Masani.Masani invited Tanorama Consultant Ltd, a local consultancy firm involved in project management, education and training, to conduct the workshop on conflict resolution, management and agreement building for leaders.
Gari Consultant Services was invited to help the landowner villages to prepare three position papers to be presented before the Nakuwi landowner association for the review.
The position papers from the three respective villages will then be integrated into a single position paper that will be presented by the association on behalf of the landowners at the Hidden Valley MoA review committee.
Siwing, Yoruwe, Waia and Kalep thanked the consultants and extended their appreciation to Masane and the team for organising the workshop.