High BSP charges immoral, daylight robbery

Letters, Normal

ALTHOUGH PNG is home to the multi-billion kina LNG project, abundant non-renewable and renewable natural resources, there is no significant improvement in the livelihood of ordinary citizens of this richly-blessed country.
Prices of goods and services are increasing every year while existing infrastructures are deteriorating.
It seems only a handful of citizens, especially politicians and their cronies, are benefiting and this has resulted in a widening gap between the poor and the rich.
And now, the so-called the leading bank, “Our Bank”, is making life even harder for the people by imposing huge fees on the people who do their daily banking transactions.
Isn’t it immoral and daylight robbery to impose K4 as teller service fees for withdrawing our own money?
The K4 fee is enough to buy a pack of 1kg rice.
I call on all unions in PNG, including my NCDC Union, to express our concern and dissatisfaction over the inappropriate and unjustified increase in BSP’s banking fees.
It would be more appropriate for BSP to impose such fees on multi-national companies, business houses and corporate entities whose transactions run into millions of kina than charging K4 on a security guard withdrawing K100 from his measly K150 salary.


Kun Jutz
Port Moresby