High education putting women under greater pressure


Former Miss PNG and an Australian award scholarship winner Grace Nugi says so many expectations are placed on women that achieve higher levels of education.
She was speaking on behalf of the 90 recipients of the Australian scholarships during the PNG-Australia Alumni Association dinner last Thursday. More than half of the awardees are women.
“The scholarship will help us to embark on self-discovery, evaluation and preparation for the journey to pursue education for the development of our country,” Nugi said.
She will be doing a research Masters degree in conservation biology.
“We stand here with honour and on top of that there are huge responsibilities.
“We understand the amount of trust and investment the Australian and our government as well as our fellow Papua New Guineans place on us.”
She said out of the thousands of applicants, 90 of them made it through and that was a huge achievement.
“So we are not just celebrating a new call or part of our achievements but we are celebrating a group of people who have a story to tell,” she said.