High expectations for LLG president Sep

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday August 5th, 2013

 AS we acknowledge Galeva Sep as the newly-elected president of the Lake Murray LLG in Middle Fly district, I wish to remind him that he must be ready to listen to the people of  Fly River and Lake Murray as their cries for development have fallen on deaf ears in the past three to four decades. 

You must be fair to all in delivering goods and services, whether they voted for you or not. 

It is your responsibility to care for everyone. 

Make a difference between yourself and the previous presidents and let the people see the real change. 

I challenge you to clarify a few points that are of concern for many people and I ask that you assure the people that everything is being appropriately managed. 

What has happened to the Aiambak to Kiunga road (landowner premium money in the trust account)? 

Could you sort out with proper mediation the land dispute between the Kuni tribe of Kubut Village and Wemek tribe of Bosset Village? 

Regarding the Aiambak to Kewe Lake Murray road, why were most landowners not represented in the first post-signing impact projects start-up meeting on July 4 at Ok Tedi Development Foundation Ltd office complex in Kiunga? 


Lake Murray Man, Via email