High hopes for schools rugby

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The National, Thursday August 1st, 2013

 NATIONAL Capital District School Rugby’s John Agovai is hoping for another good season this year.

Under the Pacific in Union (PiU) programme, which is funded by the Australian government, and with the full backing of the Papua New Guinea Rugby Football Union (PNGRFU), the school rugby competition is expected to affiliate more than 15 schools.

Agovai said there would be a meeting scheduled on Aug 8 for all PiU affiliated schools.

He said they were looking to use Monier Rugby Park for the schools competition but would have to wait for the Capital Rugby Union (CRU) competition to complete its season.

Schools most likely to be competing in the upcoming NCD competition are St Joseph’s International, Port Moresby Grammar, Port Moresby International, The Ela Murray International School (TEMIS), Gordon International, Bavaroko Primary, Salvation Army, Gerehu Primary, Gerehu Secondary, Kopkop College, Taurama Primary, Caritas Technical Secondary, Boroko Primary and Koroboro International.

In preparation for the start of the season, several schools underwent their rugby festivals to help them select their teams in their different divisions.

Schools including St Joseph’s and POM Grammar staged their festivals in term two.

The students from St Joseph’s, POM Grammar, POMIS and newcomers to the PiU programme Gordon International and TEMIS also had the chance to go through practice sessions with the Pukpuks before the recent Oceania Cup challenge in Port Moresby.