High Performance Sport to conduct talent ID at Games


HIGH Performance Sport PNG will be conducting a range of talent identification programmes for athletes and coaches during the 7th PNG Games
HPS PNG director Aaron Alsop said they would also be monitoring and supporting any current national athletes competing in their respective events.
“It’s the first time for HPS PNG to be engaged in the PNG Games. The last time the games were on in Lae, HPS was heavily focused on the preparations for Team PNG in the 2015 Pacific Games,” Alsop said
“We will have 11 staff there across the two weeks rotating between week one and week two.
“Key roles within the group will be the talent pathways team. They will be conducting talent ID across each of the sports which will link to our national talent research project.
“From there this will provide some performance data for the sports to review, considerations will be made for their inclusion in an emerging talent scholarship programme.
“The other aspect is the coach development team. They aim to meet with coaches across different provincial teams to develop a database beyond just names, sports and provinces but more to focus on some elements of their preparations leading into the games.
“They will be understanding factors that enhance or are barriers to their preparation and discussing what areas of professional development or training they have had as a coach.
“Thirdly the physio section; they will be there to help support any current national team athlete who may experience an injury or need support in their recovery between events or post competition.
“The physios will be on standby to support provincial medical staff who may want a second opinion on diagnosis or assessment and potential treatment of an injury.
“The physios will also be meeting with medical support staff from the provinces to learn more on how High Performance can support them through training and development related to sports medicine in their region
“Performance managers is another department which we will look into.”