High-powered guns used by rival clan to kill three

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The National , Tuesday, May 31, 2011

THE clansmen of a rape suspect gunned down three men from his victim’s clan last week in Enga’s Laiagam district.
Provincial police commander Martin Lakari said yesterday the Kali clansmen used high-powered guns in a raid last Tuesday on Puman’s territory at Tupangus village.
Supt Lakari said the Kali clansmen shot dead three men, burned down several houses, stole domestic animals and destroyed food gardens.
Lakari said the Puman and Kali clans were from the same Kulape tribe but Puman’s clan alleged that one of their daughters returning from Wabag last month was allegedly abducted and raped by a suspect from Kali clan.
He said the young woman’s clansmen mobilised and went into the nearby village last Monday and burned  down a house belonging to the alleged rape suspect and took eight of his pigs.
Lakari said police were told about the raid on the same day and went to Pilikambi village and stopped a tribal fight that was about to start.
He said police had warned the parties not to take up arms.
Lakari said police ordered a Pilikambi village court joint sitting to issue preventive orders to the Kali and Puman clansmen.
But, he said, the next day, the Kali clansmen mobilised and went to the Puman’s territory and carried out a surprise attack.
Lakari identified the deceased as Mangapen Pamben, 50, a father of three children, Relesingi Yanis, 25, and Jackson Kumbakali, 25, all from Tupangus village, in the Laiagam district.
He said last Wednesday a police unit that included provincial administrator Dr Samson Amean and officials from the provincial law and order division intervened and put a stop to the tribal fight.
He said the provincial administration issued preventive orders to the Kali and Puman’s clansmen to stop further killings and destruction to property.
Lakari said the two parties accepted the preventive orders but the situation “is still tense and the police and peace negotiators are closely monitoring the situation”.