High respect for our judiciary

Letters, Normal

PAPUA New Guinea is one of the very few countries in the world that upholds the independence of judiciary at all times.
The politicians must realise that this venue is reserved for the grassroots when it comes to measuring the equal sharing of power by three arms of the government.
The grassroots on many occasions in the past have questioned the Parliament over its executive or legislative decisions but not the judiciary.
The people of PNG have a lot of respect for the judiciary and this outweighs the executive and legislative government system.
The grassroots know court officials are highly educated and experienced personnel.
They know that the court has an appeal procedure in place and that decisions are based on facts provided from the evidences given.
They are aware there is no room for miracle, mercy or nepotism.
Thus, people in this country have a lot of respect for the judiciary as a neutral ground as required by Montesquieu, a French philosopher who contributed to the principle of separation of powers.
Therefore, the recent decision by the National Court to declare the election of the Kandep MP as null and void was fair.
Supporters of plaintiff Alfred Manase and former MP Don Polye must respect the rule of law and conduct the election properly this time.


Pioneers of Kandep
Mt Hagen