High school 4km road under water

Lae News, Normal

ABOUT 4km of road in and out of the Wawin National High School in Morobe province is under water.
The school of excellence is inaccessible and Morobe Governor Luther Wenge is angry that he only found out about it through the media on Monday.
According to Mr Wenge, the mishap happened two weeks ago and engineers from the Works Department were flown in by helicopter to visit the affected area but “no one had the courtesy to inform” him of the severity of the road damage.
Due to constant rain, the swollen Rumu River which runs along the back of the school, has managed to wind its way along the gravelled road and in some places, created huge trenches making it inaccessible by car.
Mr Wenge yesterday flew in a helicopter into the area to see for himself the extent of the damage.
He had allocated K100,000 for maintenance of the road and directed provincial administrator Kemas Tomala to ensure that work begins today to try to contain the river for further work could be done to correct the situation.
Students are currently on their school break and according to Mr Wenge, they will need to have
supplies brought to the school thus making it urgent that the road be fixed.