High school going digital with gift of e-library system


Goroka Rotary has given Lower Nebilyer Provincial High School in Western Highlands an e-library system that contains resources like Wikipedia, books and videos.
Called Teacher in a Box, the e-library can be accessed by the students through a laptop, PC or smartphone through a Wi-Fi connection up to a range of 30 metres.
Lower Nebilyer was one of 14 new high schools established by Governor Paias Wingti.
The acting president of Goroka Rotary, John Onga, said Lower Nebilyer was first in the province to be connected to an e-library.
Onga is principal of Goroka Secondary School, which also has an e-library.
“The e-library provides “four million different lessons which student can learn and that is very convenient to the students’ learning,” he said.
“Nowadays students are just wasting their time on Facebook or searching on various sites but for the students of Lower Nebilyer this will improve their learning standards.”
The e-library system was provided with the help of Nunga Rotary Club, of Brisbane, Australia.

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