High school number increasing


WESTERN Highlands is witnessing an increasing number of high schools and parents should not miss the opportunity of sending their children to school, a senior education officer says.
Western Highlands primary and elementary school inspector Tom Korua said Governor Paias Wingti was doing his best to accommodate every child in a classroom by building many high schools.
He said the number of high school was reaching 30 and this should be seen as an opportunity.
Korua said since Wingti was doing his part, parents should know their responsibility to make education a priority for their children.
“Education should become the only hope for the children as times are changing and this country will need an educated population in the future,” he said.
Korua said parents should not waste their time gambling or taking part in other activities that were not helpful.
“This month, children will return to school and, as parents, we have to ask ourselves what we have got to do for our children’s education.”
He said Western Highlanders were privileged because they had many high schools for children to attend. “With the increasing number of high schools, it seems like no one is to stay home and doing nothing,” he said.
Korua said education should become a topic of discussion at home between parents and children.
He said many children were roaming the streets and taking part in illegal activities because they had missed the opportunity.
He said some were bright students but when parents failed with their responsibility, they were not able to continue their studies.
“Parents have a role to play to make sure children should live successful lives,” he said.
Korua said parents in Western Highlands should not have any reasons to complain of spacing or classrooms compared to other provinces.
He said PNG was now depending on the education system to take the country forward.