High schools to gain big from Resi’s K70m, says minister

National, Normal

MUCH of the K70 million allocated for the rehabilitation of education sector infrastructure (Resi) programme will be used on high schools to bring about positive impacts at that level, Education Minister James Marape said yesterday.
“I am committed to ensure we make good use of money allocated and that we must show some good results by 2012,” he said.
However, from the budget, Marape said four national high schools would also be rehabilitated.
“The Resi funds will be for high school intervention instead of spreading the little allocation thinly over the whole education system.”
His comments came after education was given the biggest slice of the cake with K1.1 billion, or 14% of the development budget.
“Today’s economic growth is evidence of a government that is appropriating funding in line with policies and visions.”
Marape said the fundamental “nuts and bolts” was the education development plan which is envisaged to secure 20% of every development budget for the next 20 years.
“As we start the first five years with education getting the biggest slice, it is welcomed and I commend the prime minister, treasurer and national planning minister for interventions in the education sector.”
He said the allocation would go towards achieving the universal basic education programme that would see at least 70% of the country’s school-aged children in school by 2030.
He said there were also  programmes in community colleges, flexible open learning and technical vocational education training to cater for Grade 8, 10 and 12 students.