Highlanders must wake up to reality

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, June 23, 2011

IT is high time highlanders wake up and appreciate the good leadership we are now having.
I know how typical highlands politics work.
I have experienced first hand what they can do when they want to have things their own way.
They mobilise public support to drive their agenda and this is exactly what is happening now.
The ugly spectre of highlands politics from the university riot days is reappearing.
We, Sepiks, have held on to po­litics and power play for so long and one thing that scares us is immature leadership.
Regardless of how much a person has done, he/she has to learn to be mature when it comes to discussing issues of importance.
I have seen how Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal is handling himself and I must say he is qualified to be in a Sepik Haus Man.
What more do the highlanders want?
Someone who handles himself well under pressure, who thinks before answering questions and remain cool is a good leader, capable, strong and mature.
The Grand Chief has made a good choice because he has chosen a very mature leader.
The reason why he overlooked Don Polye was the latter has a habit of stomping out of meetings when he did not have his way.
Come on highlanders, wake up, and support your next prime minister.
The Sepiks have given him the thumbs-up and we have spoken through the Grand Chief.
The future of this country is at stake, not Enga and Western Highlands.


Sepik Pollie
Port Moresby