Highlanders told not to sell their votes

National, Normal

The National, Monday June 24th, 2013


PEOPLE in the Highlands provinces have been told not to sell their votes for short-term benefits.

Electoral officer Toksy Tamari told a big crowd in the city that their votes were very important because it would determine their future in the next five years.

“If you chose a right leader, you will be happy when he or she brings goods and services,” he said.

Tamari said if they sold their votes for short-term benefit, they would regret in the next five years.

He said many people wanting to become leaders was one thing, but whe­ther they possessed leadership qualities and displayed it during their day to day living in their communities was another thing.

“You will make a very important decision next month when the time comes for polling, you must use your common sense and elect a leader who can serve you and your people better,” he said.

Tamari said when they voted for materials, their leaders would forget about them and would not bring any goods or services to them.

He said five years was a long time and they would suffer that long and would complain about their leaders, but it would not be the leaders’ pro­blem.

“We must blame ourselves for lea­ders not delivering because at the first place, we make wrong decisions to elect him or her,” said Tamari.

He appealed to the candidates and their supporters to follow electoral laws and campaign peacefully by res­pecting one another and to let the people decide who to vote.

He said the power was with the people and they must be allowed to exercise it without fear, threats, intimidations or undue influence.

He said the candidates must accept the choice of the people and maintain peace and harmony in their communities.

Tamari was speaking during an awareness campaign on election processes and HIV/AIDS in Mt Hagen last week.