Highlands a challenge for Electoral Commission

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 4, 2011

THE Electoral Commission’s biggest challenge to weed out corrupt practices is in the highlands region, Commissioner Andrew Trawen says.
He said the highlands topped the other regions in breaking electoral commission laws during electoral enrolment and during elections.
He said this made it a big challenge for the commission as the mandated manager overseeing the country’s election process, to make it the priority to alleviate such practices.
Trawen said the electoral commission had over the years spent large amounts of money on training officials, conducting awareness and educating people on the lawful procedures of the enrolment process and election laws.
“However, our fellow citizens in the highlands region have always gone out of their way to bend the rules to their own liking,” he said.
Trawen said this time around, training, awareness and educating voters in the region would be bigger and better than ever.