Highlands cooperation


PETER Numu and Samson Akunai are brothers – and that is the way it should be all the time.
The real winners in such cooperation (wok bung wantaim) are the people of the Eastern Highlands.
Petty jealousy and brinkmanship will only lead to disaster.
For the past 15 years the people of Eastern Highlands have endured more than their fair share of agony but now, with Samson Akunai at the helm of the public service machinery at Yanepa House, people are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel.
The election of Peter Numu as the new political head of the province is a relief and a breath of fresh air.
Please gentlemen, don’t spoil this if you both genuinely and sincerely have the interest and wellbeing of the people from Kassam to Daulo Pass at heart.
Eastern Highlanders are not interested in your personal fights. They mean nothing to them.
What the people want is change in their villages, hamlets and communities and to make life a little bit better for their families, no matter how hard and difficult it may be at times.

Miluma Napanouve

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