Highlands police warn candidates

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The National, Tuesday June 18th, 2013


POLICE have warned candidates and their supporters in the Highlands region to campaign peacefully.

Highlands divisional police commander Teddy Tei said those found breaking the law would be severely dealt with.

Tei, also the assistant deputy police commissioner, said  the region was still recovering from last year’s national election and the last thing police wanted was to see trouble flaring up.

“Police in the seven Highlands provinces are on alert and if any candidate or supporters cause problems, they will be seriously dealt with,” he said.

He said last year’s national election in the Highlands was conducted peacefully.

“I want people to respect election process and go to polls peacefully and elect their leaders,” Tei said.

He said the limited preferential voting system was good because it brought candidates to campaign together and rely on each other’s support.

He urged the candidates and their supporters to respect the democratic rights of people to cast their votes.

He also warned people to abstain from issuing threats or offering and receiving bribes at the polling stations.

He urged the people to show other regions that they were capable of electing their leaders without any trouble.