Highlands politicians need to focus on service delivery


THE political weaknesses and strengths of highlands political culture are often somehow entangled in some ways.
And it becomes acceptable and practicable by leaders and followers alike.
It is very intricate to distinguish what weaknesses and strengths are or the reverse of our political leaders.
The logic of two level games is the most favourite game played by all highlands politicians meaning they have two groups in their political conclaves for both public and private interests respectively.
Firstly, for the public interests, the Highlands bloc of politicians are good at preaching about better infrastructural developments like seal roads, rural electrification connectivity, better township with proper sanitation and sewerage system, free education amongst others.
However, factually these political rhetoric and metaphors are bluff when it comes to actual implementation because some pillars of policies during election era or 100-day plan for a term of parliament right after formation of a new government are seen unrealistic and ultra vires.
To compensate for their political gimmicks, they are constantly using pretexts, proclaiming that PSIP/DSIP funds are delayed.
Despite, MPs sitting position on the floor of parliament, those PSIP/DSIP funds are ever ready constitutional funds or grands budgeted for 22 provinces and 89 districts for service delivery to people.
Generation of the 21st Century cannot be bluffed with sinister notion because finance department is subjected to public view and via internet accessibility, financial bulletins by finance and treasury ministers reveal every transaction and yet MPs are two-faced with their legitimate constituents in which constituency are in dire needs of developments.
Secondly, preponderance of political powers is hijacked and capitalised by political lunatics and cronies mostly made up of MPs supporters, blood ties, provincial or district public servants like administrators and treasurers lobby for self-gain.
Therefore, developments are not eventuating according to 100-day plan or pillars of policy formulations for a term in office are caused by these demonised people.
Consequently, province or district is succumbed to lasting unresolvable bills from hire car firms, business houses and even individuals.
They have rendered their services already and now they are waiting when shall their arrears be cleared??
While on this note, a lot of incomplete projects are remaining, many areas need to be improved and developed but when is going to be the right time?
Time is a scarce resource and unstoppable, and it will never be reversed or purchased to repeat.
And never wait for last minute service delivery to cause deliberate reverberations to lure votes.
This political strategy is indeed childish strategy like a mother, who is offering lollies to stop her kids from crying further or in other version is any form of 11th hour service delivery is defined as Mother Lolly Policy (MLP).
Finally, the logic of two level games is seen irrelevant with many political back seat drivers causing instability and delay to progress.
Therefore, MPs must refrain from those lunatics, family or tribesmen’s affiliation to serve the public office well to set lasting legacies and people will remember him or her forever.
However, a very small mistake or thing is subjected to public gravitational force and scrutiny, and eventually it falls down to its roots.
A matter of careful consideration is needed in every approach.
For performative measure wise in service delivery calculation, MPs political assignment now is to deliver to pass 2022 major political examination will be set by Electoral Commission.
Therefore, sevis mas i go yet long ol pipol (service must still be delivered to the people).

Max M Wapi
KD Express

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