Highlands reps urged to meet with committee

Lae News, Normal

The National, Wednesday 16th November 2011

REPRESENTATIVES of Highlanders in Lae city have been urged to meet today with Morobe provincial peace and good order committee at the provincial disaster and emergency office.
The purpose is to discuss and find solutions to restore peace in the community for law-abiding citizens, chairman Joshua Hagai said.
He said the committee had set up short, medium and long-term strategies.
As a short-term measure, food items were distributed to Morobeans within the tension areas to help ease some strain.
And last Saturday, basic items including tarpaulins, utensils and crockery and sleeping items were given to displaced Highlanders taking refuge in front of Igam Barracks.
They were helped by the Australian Defence Force, who donated 60 cartons of biscuits.
Hagai said the committee was organising how to repatriate the deceased to their homes.
“Anyone apart from Morobeans and Highlanders affected should report to the disaster and emergency office,” he said.
The committee appointed three of its members, Wain-Erap LLG president Charlie Foike, Kome president Thompson Molinguso and Gagidu Mayor Manasseh Rainier to negotiate peace between the Kandas of East Sepik, and the Amoas from the Morobe patrol post, Morobe, at the Bumbu compound.