Highlands rugby leagues want AGM to go ahead

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The National, Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A SPOKESMAN for the highlands rugby league association presidents, Sandis Tsaka is urging PNG Rugby Football League interim board led by John Numapo to have the annual general meeting at the early to ensure the betterment of the game.
Tsaka made the call after the court’s decision on former PNGRFL chairman’s Brian Kramer’s election was null and void.
However, Numapo said the AGM was not a priority rather there were three most important aspects of the league that needed urgent policing.
“I do not consider the AGM a priority. It is this AGM that created a lot of problems at the PNGRFL. I want to make sure that we review the current PNGRFL constitution, review the financial management over the last 18 months and sort out the PNGRFL management issue. They are key aspects of my priorities,” Numapo said.
There were several calls made to the interim committee member Gary Juffa and David Tamtu but failed.
Tsaka said the leagues were still waiting for Numapo to convene a meeting.
“Right now things are all over the place and we need to fix them up before we can think about having an AGM,” Numapo said.
Tsaka disagreed that such a move would be good for the league.
He said Numapo should call for an AGM and until such time a chairman is elected whoever gets the top post can look into those matters.
“Until such time a duly elected chairman is appointed, he or she can look at these issues. The Court order does not make you become the president of the PNGRFL thus acting in it until such time when a new chairman is elected so his priority now is the hold the AGM,” Tsaka said.