Highlands women take up farm training

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 28th August, 2012

MORE than 100 women from Enga, Western Highlands, Jiwaka and Chimbu provinces gathered in
Mt Hagen on Wednesday for farming and
livestock training.The training was run and managed by the Enga Searching and Recovering Women’s Association (ESRWA) and held at the Lutheran guest house.
Many youths have attended the training to learn skills and develop their land to generate an income through farming and livestock husbandry.
Association president Dian Ambil said the week-long training would enable the women to become productive, starting from their family.Ambil said the association had come with this idea because many women were becoming too dependent on their husbands.
“You have the potential to do anything, try to figure out why you were born and your purpose in life on this planet,” she said.“Women, you are the backbone of your family, because in every home things will be in order when a mother is there,” Ambil said.
She said the ESRWA was formed in Wapenamanda electorate but was reaching out to help other women and girls in other centres to do something useful in life.
“You can do it and this is the start for those of you who are here
today, your mentality of expecting free handouts must cease and you need to focus and prepare yourself once you leave this place,”  she said.
 “We are condemned when people say we cannot, that is because you do not maintain your stand as a person who is able and can do anything,” Ambil said.
“Things need to be done differently and that is when you started acting or make a commitment to make your dream to become a reality.
 “Once you complete this training try to make your life become better by putting into practice what you just learned.”