Highway attack not related to Mol’s death, say police

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POLICE have described the villagers who looted a semi-container and attacked PMV buses in North Waghi on Tuesday, as “criminals and opportunists” and said the act was not in retaliation of the death of Selly Mol.
“Their actions had nothing to do with the death of policewoman Selly Mol,” Western Highlands provincial police commander Supt Kaiglo Ambane said.
Mrs Mol was killed in a hand-grenade blast last month while trying to arrest a man wanted for bank robbery and murder in Mt Hagen.
“Selly’s tribesmen were busy with the burial ceremony in Arenga village, about a kilometre away from the main road where the looters struck.
“The incident had nothing to do with Selly’s death or her tribesmen.It was the act of criminals and opportunists,” Supt Ambane said.
He said the looters lived on the on the other side of the Waghi River and were later chased away by the police.
“It’s a national road and registered motorists have every right to travel along  it to ferry passengers and goods.
“It must be clear and safe at all times,” he said.
Supt Ambane said  anyone caught setting up illegal roadblocks or throwing stones at PMV buses would be arrested and charged accordingly.
“It isn’t nice for people to carry out such criminal activities on the home ground of Selly,” he said.
Supt Ambane warned opportunists to think twice before planning attacks on the road.
 “Police are now monitoring the situation closely,” he said.