Highway in good condition? You must be kidding, says Atiayafa


THE Highlands Highway has become so bad with big potholes that it needs a lot of work done to make it better, says Henganofi MP Robert Atiayafa.
Atiayafa, who is also chairman of the Constitutional Law Reform Commission, said that he was not sure what Works Secretary David Wereh was looking at when he said the highway was in good condition.
“Because of Wereh’s claims I decided to take a personal tour to confirm the state of the road,” Atiayafa said.
“I travelled between Kassam Pass, Chimbu, Jiwaka and Western Highlands and the truth is that the road conditions are going from bad to worse.”
He said the highway was dangerous to travellers and bad for tourism, and needs urgent maintenance work. Atiayafa thanked Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for including highway maintenance in the 2018 national Budget, but warned that the money should be spent well on things like drainage, tar-sealing and regular maintenance.

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