Highway re-opens to traffic

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THE roadblock on the Highlands Highway in Jiwaka was cleared on Saturday morning and traffic is flowing normally after two weeks of closure.
The Mejipi tribesmen of deceased policeman Constable Glen Jimmy, from Panjip village, also released eight trucks together with their cargo back to their owners.
Community spokesman Charles Jim said his people had blocked the road in a show of frustration after the authorities failed to respond to their petition
He said that Jimmy and colleague Constable Alex Kopa, from Chimbu, were members of Mobile
Squad 6 based in Mt Hagen and were killed in Wabag in July.
Jim said that during the past eight weeks, no leader from Enga had shown up at the three haus krais at Kimininga police barracks in Mt Hagen, Jiwaka or Chimbu to say sorry to the colleagues and relatives and tribesmen of the two deceased policemen.
He said that the tribesmen of the late Kopa had set up a roadblock in Chuave, Chimbu, but cleared it last Thursday and they did the same on an understanding that they would receive some favourable response.
He said that the second lots of correspondences were sent to the respective offices of the
authorities and they were hoping to get some response soon.
Jim said that even though there was no communication between the relatives and the authorities, they decided to remove the roadblock and allow
traffic to flow while waiting for the authorities to respond.

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