HIV on the rise: BAHA

National, Normal


THE number of people infected by HIV continues to increase despite the wide coverage given by media on the issue, said  general manager of the Papua New Guinea Business Against HIV/AIDS (BAHA), Dr Anne Clark.
She was presenting a seminar at the National Research Institute yesterday titled, “The press coverage of HIV in PNG 2005-2007, Strengthening HIV reporting for a developing country”.
Dr Clark said the two daily newspapers had similar news coverage although there was increased coverage in The National on HIV/AIDS between 2005 and 2007.
She added that good health messages must be specific, measurable, and achievable.
Dr Clark said that HIV had the potential to undermine any development achievements made in PNG in recent decades and it is important the media report the analysis of issues.
She said the media had the potential to influence policy environment and the community attitudes and beliefs towards HIV and those affected by it.
“You can make people do things differently because behavior changes theory and the media play a significant role in responding to HIV in PNG,” she said.