HIV patients want doctors in all centres

National, Normal

The Nationl, Monday 10th September, 2012

HIV/AIDS patients in Western Highlands and Jiwaka provinces want a doctor to be stationed at all voluntary counselling and testing centres.That was one of the issues discussed when 970 HIV positive people gathered last Wednesday in Mt Hagen for the Tru Warrior Association’s annual meeting.
The association was formed by people living with HIV/AIDS and the members met at the Baptist church, at Kimininga, Mt Hagen.President Steven Taka said those who attended were registered members of the association.
“At the meeting patients have raised many issues regarding what they can receive to help control and minimise the spread of the virus,” Taka said.Taka said Papua New Guinea led the Asia-Pacific region in the number of cases and the association urged members to help prevent the spread of disease.
“We have a role to play and that is to try our very best to save lives from being infected,”
he said. Many people have died because they were notsticking to the anti-retro viral treatment,” he said.
He said members discussed sufferers ignoring the ART treatment, herbal treatment and not taking ART, having faith in a church when a preacher prays and told them to exercise their faith, not eating healthy food, and the need for a doctor to be stationed at all voluntary counselling centre.
 “Why many people living with the virus have died because they were not committed to take the drug on time,” he said.
 “We need to follow instructions so that this will expand our life span on earth and this is to be committed to look after ourselves.”
He urged HIV-Aids positive people to work together and try to protect innocent people from contracting the virus.