HIV virus cannot move on its own

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to respond to Dr Thomas Vinit’s comments (Feb 17) in which he compared the size of the pores in a condom to the size of the HIV virus.
Dr Vinit said the virus could easily pass through the pores in a condom as it is smaller than the pores in a condom.
I believe he is not thinking beyond the box and came up with this statement that is not really representing views coming from a person with a medical background.
In a lay man’s language and understanding, the virus is not an insect or an organism that has legs and hands that it could easily use to move on its own through the pores in a condom.
The virus is entirely dependent on other cells to live, eat, reproduce and move around.
In the case of the pores in a condom, the virus has no way of moving out because it simply cannot move on its own.
The virus relies on body fluids such as sperm or blood as its vehicle to move from one destination to another.
Using condom correctly and consistently means the virus will remain confined to its host.
There are many life stories of many married couple who still live together and enjoy marital relationship even though one is known to be positive and one is negative.
The rule is to use condom correctly and consistently.
This is what is meant by safe sex.