HIV/AIDS cases in Madang doubles

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The National, Wednesday 30th November 2011

THE number of people living with HIV/AIDS in Madang has doubled since March last year, Dr Martin Damien of the Modilon General Hospital says.
Dr Martin Damien said since taking charge of the HIV/AIDS and STI clinic in the province this year, there had been 300 more cases recorded.
He urged people to be careful as the virus was dangerous.
“There is no cure and unlike other developed countries where the virus is found to be from a particular group of
people such as sex workers, it is not confined to anyone in PNG,” he said.
Damien said everyone was vulnerable to the virus including
“This year the clinic recorded 30 cases of children alone,” he said.
He said the most active age groups ranged from 15 to 45.
He said one main contributing factor to the increase was the behaviour of individuals.
“We can educate people on HIV and AIDS through awareness and when they come for treatment but when they go out again than it really depends on individuals,” he said.
He said the provincial government should give priority to the HIV and AIDS programme.
“It is high time that each electorate member incorporates HIV and AIDS awareness programmes into policy and decision-making,” he said.