HIV/AIDS remains the greatest global threat


I REALISE that HIV/AIDS continues to be the greatest threat to humanity despite the contentious efforts made so far to combat and eradicate this STD.
STD is a medical abbreviation for Sexual Transmitted Infections and HIV is one of them.
The latter stands for Human Immune Virus which produces Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).
AIDS is the end result of the HIV and is mainly because of a weakened immune system which can’t effectively combat and eradicate the onslaught of other diseases like malaria, dysentery and tuberculosis (TB).
To put it into perspective, AIDS refers to a sickness which is caused by a secondary disease which spreads after HIV has destroyed all the immune system in the human body.
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), HIV is spread through contact of a positive and negative blood through sexual intercourse, child birth and contact with bruises and cuts on the skin.
So far, millions of people around the world have contracted the virus – which presented the greatest threat to humanity.
Thus, government and political interventions have been directed to combat and eradicate the HIV.
Also high net worth individuals and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) have come on board to put a stop to the spread of HIV on the global scale.
The scientific research and development (R&D) of medicines and vaccines such as the Anti-Retroviral (ART) treatment have done wonders for the fight against HIV, however, there is still a lot of efforts needed to be implemented.
One of the important areas that the HIV issue should prioritise is counselling of HIV positive victims.
Most counselling services provide the needed help available to HIV positive victims but on the flip side, the counseling services don’t do enough to safeguard the HIV negative population from the HIV positive victims.
There is an intentional as well as an unintentional transmission culture which continue to provide a breeding ground for the HIV.
The former is inflicted by reckless HIV positive victims due perhaps to a lack of effective counseling and lifestyle and behavioural transition.
And the latter is inflicted by the emotional desire of human beings to seek and provide physiological needs from and to each other in a more normal and open form despite one of the partner being a HIV positive victim.
Most people still want to be real in pursuing their lifestyle desires and they do so without any effect or form of disillusion through the use of medical help such as using a condom during sexual intercourse.
People need to continue enjoying sex and provide love in other forms like bandaging a fresh wound of a friend or relative who is a HIV positive victim – which have a higher chance of transmitting the HIV.
On the other hand, efforts especially on the scientific research and development (R&D) of ART and other anti HIV medical drugs and the political and government interventions and the support from high net worth individuals and NGOs in providing contraceptives and awareness are wonderful but the strategy to effectively quarantine the HIV is still in the tunnel – provided the HIV continues to be transmitted intentionally or unintentionally.
One of the problems is because the programmes like ART therapy aren’t managed in an efficiently coordinated fashion on the global scale.
I believe the scientific breakthrough in the ART therapy should be supported through a systematic programme.

Mike Haro, Via email

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