HIV/AIDS still spreading like bush fire

Letters, Normal

DESPITE the huge amount of awareness and aid, both cash and kind, pouring into the country, HIV/AIDS is still spreading like a wild bush fire in PNG.
International agencies like AusAID, European Union and others are working with the Government to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS but to no avail.
HIV/AIDS is here to stay.
I believe the grassroots have failed to absorb the messages that are being sent out because the Health Department and National AIDS Council (NAC) together with international agencies are promoting condom.
I agree with the Catholic church’s message – be faithful to one’s partner and stay away from sex with others.
You cannot contract HIV/AIDS if a couple is faithful to each other.
Promoting condom is like giving the licence to have sex with all and sundry.
This is the wrong message that is being imparted to the grassroots.
Don’t tell me these people are not aware that the promotion of condom has also propelled the rate of HIV/AIDS in the country?
We must do away with the promotion of condoms.
The following suggestions should be implemented: 
* Ban the import of condoms; 
* Antiretroviral (ARV) drugs should be strictly given to people who are living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) who are doing awareness and educating the people around the country of the implications of HIV/AIDS;
* Prohibit organisations from giving ARV drugs free of charge; and
* Compulsory report of HIV/AIDS statistics be revealed by VCT centres and hospitals weekly to the public.
A person who lacks self-control is like a city broken down without walls (Proverbs 25: 28).
Therefore, self-control is a key factor.
If we lack it, we are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. 
For a better and healthy future of PNG, churches and aid organisations should promote self-control rather than condoms.
Brochures, pamphlets and posters must carry the message of self-control to eradicate HIV/AIDS.

Nelson N. Kapia
Kemboli village, Ialibu