HLIS needs financial support

Letters, Normal

THE Highlands Lutheran International School (HLIS) is one of the oldest schools in the province.
It was established by pioneer Lutheran missionaries in the 1940s and is operated and run by the Lutheran church in collaboration with overseas mission agencies.
In recent years, it has been the subject of a bloody tribal fight between the neighbouring Wapukuni and Ambulini tribes.
During the fight, the school lost its main administration block that housed a state of the art computer laboratory, science laboratory and office equipment.
The school was forced to close after a student was almost struck by a stray bullet while at campus.
Many parents took their children out in fear of their lives.
All the expatriate teachers also left except for former principal Dr Brent Kilback.
The school remained closed for a quarter of a year.
Dr Kilback finally left in 2007 after a parents and board of governor’s meeting resolution. 
But the “never say die” attitude of the expatriate teachers led to the school’s reopening in 2008.
With sheer determination and vision of missionaries, the HLIS last year catered to all students, from prep to Grade 12.
The man behind this revival is the new principal, Paul Van Wezel.
If the national and provincial governments are serious in providing basic education to all children, then they must help support schools like HLIS.
Enga Governor Peter Ipatas has recognised the importance of developing the human resource a long time ago.
The MPs from Enga must also follow suit.


Charles Kendee